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20 Contigo: “La Antigua was a revulsive for Fuentesaúco”.

We continue to celebrate 20 years with you and we look back. It seems incredible to us that 20 years have already passed since we started the adventure of launching our dream of making artisan sheep’s cheese.

Now that there is so much talk of a hollowed-out Spain, of recreating the business fabric in the towns, Jesús Cruz and Fernando Fregeneda were clear that in order to make the country great La Antigua Cheese FactoryIn order to achieve this, it was necessary to have, on the one hand, the best raw material and, on the other hand, to settle in a strategic location in Castilla y León. And nothing better than Zamora and in this case the town of Fuentesaúco, to produce the best sheep cheese from Zamora.

In addition to the typical Castilian climate that favors the grazing and ripening of sheep’s cheese, this is the area where most of the milk sheep in our country are located, so the raw material was right next to us.

Some of us in the factory today were children or teenagers. Others, on the other hand, remember that moment with great nostalgia. Felipe de la Calle, one of our transporters together with his brothers Zaca and Jose, remembers perfectly the moment when he and Fernando Fregeneda, coming from Benavente, jumped the fence of the old factory, already closed, to start dreaming with their eyes open. Many illusions were forged there, this was the origin of a cheese with personality, the fruit of family tradition.

From that time until the factory was commissioned, it still took quite some time. Significant work had to be done.


The residents of Fuentesaúco also remember the arrival of Quesería La Antigua as very good news for the town and its residents. At that time, it was only known that the Cheese Factory was reopening and little by little, the best omens for the municipality were fulfilled. The factory began to create jobs. We started to attend important fairs, we bet on creating a brand, on training professionals and the name of the town became more and more known. Antigua cheese was a hallmark of the town, already famous for its chickpeas and since 2002, for its cheese.

This is how the residents of Fuentesaúco remember the moment when they knew that Quesería La Antigua was opening its doors.

20 years with you. These were our beginnings, and without ceasing to look to the past, our future is beginning to become the present. Our ancestors taught us the importance of sacrifice and hard work even in difficult times and those lessons are not forgotten in this company. Now we have a very promising project that involves the expansion of our factory in Fuentesaúco, which will contribute to the development of the rural environment, to the development of our province and our community, eminently agricultural and livestock and with a lot of potential. We love our land, our people, our ranchers and for them we work day by day in the pursuit of our dreams.

We invite you to celebrate with us these 20 years… Let’s go for another 20… with you!!!



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