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Agro-livestock management

It is a company founded in 1994, with important presence in the sheep dairy sector in the Castilla y León region. León (Spain), the largest producer in Europe. We can supply:
  • Raw Sheep Milk
  • Thermized Sheep Milk
  • Pasteurized Sheep Milk
GAG is specialized in the commercialization of milk from sheep. For this purpose, it has its own stable collection and fresh milk tanker supply capacity at the end of the year. anywhere in Spain or Europe.

Historical Evolution

With our permanent commitment to quality and
experience of all these years, we are a company that has
consolidated and very prestigious within the sector.
sheep dairy products.

In the last year, the amount of liters of sheep’s milk
collected is close to 20 million liters, with a total of
regularly works with more than 50 cheese factories,
distributed throughout Spain and Europe

Customer portfolio

Our portfolio of clients in SPAIN and EUROPE is diverse, and we serve throughout the year.
year, to both large, medium and small volume factories, meeting the requirements of the
all scheduled deliveries.