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From the sheep to your palate

We seek to create memories and emotions through innovative experiences to live special moments. Quesoturismo is a project made up of a wide variety of tourist experiences for the enjoyment of cheese lovers.

Feel Quesoturismo through the different experiences you can live with us. Visit the shepherds and their herds, visit our cheese factory, wine tastings and much more… In short, to know the origin of our work.

What is Quesotourism?

Cheese tourism, a variant of gastronomic tourism, centered on cheese as its protagonist. This type of tourism values cheese-making tradition and craftsmanship, attracting enthusiasts and connoisseurs from all over the world. From high quality cheese tastings to cultural experiences and specific routes, cheese tourism offers a unique opportunity to explore the richness and diversity of this culinary product. Discover the secrets behind each cheese and dive into this delicious adventure!

Meet Cheese tourism in Zamora

Our land is known for its sheep cheese, but we are much more, an excellent gastronomy, unique landscapes and ancestral traditions recognized around the world; that make Zamora a must visit. Do you still have any doubts about coming?

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What do our customers think of experiences?

Juana Peñaranda de Bracamonte, Spain
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Passion for the dairy culture, without words, great treatment, unique cheeses in flavors and quality, very affordable price for its quality, presentation and service. Undoubtedly a reference of our products in the world.
Cristina Salamanca,Spain
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Unforgettable experience! 200% recommended. Get to know the world of cheese from the inside with one of the best in the world.
Michael R
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Demonstration of how a passion can become a business. But not business as we know it (at least not me...). Business where personal treatment prevails above all, business where everything is done with love and great professionalism, business where you feel part of it. We will definitely come back! Totally recommended!
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La Antigua Cheese Factory

Where the passion for cheese becomes history.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why enjoy Quesoturismo with Quesería La Antigua?

Cheese tourism is born in La Antigua as an authentic experience. You will be able to immerse yourself in the manufacturing process of the authentic cheese from Zamora. From the raw sheep’s milk to the rennet cut, the brine and the maturation chambers, everything is carried out with the highest safety measures.

In addition, visitors, whether they are couples, families or small groups, have the opportunity to get close to the animals.

What clothes should I bring to visit Quesería La Antigua?

To enjoy your visit to Quesería La Antigua, we recommend you bring the following:

  1. Warm clothing: Some areas of the cheese plant, such as the ripening chambers, may be cool. A light coat or jacket will be useful to keep you comfortable.
  2. Comfortable Shoes: Opt for comfortable closed-toe shoes, as you will be walking through different rooms during the visit.
  3. Gown, hat and booties: Upon arrival, you will be provided with a gown, hat and booties to maintain hygiene and safety. Don’t worry about staining your clothes!
  4. Curiosity and Appetite: It is not physical clothing, but having an open mind and a willingness to learn about the cheese making process is also important.
Where would Quesería La Antigua's experiences begin?

All of our experiences begin at the Quesería La Antigua factory in Fuentesaúco, on the Ctra. Salamanca, 32. Here, participants will be immersed in the cheese-making process, from milk collection in the silos to maturing in the cellars. The visit includes the workshop, where the curdling, manufacture, pressing and turning of the cheese takes place. The experience culminates with a guided cheese tasting paired with local wines, offering a complete immersion in the cheese-making tradition and flavors of the region. The factory thus becomes the epicenter of a unique day of cheese tourism.