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Chocolate, cheese and wine: diet-friendly?

Christmas is over, we know it’s been a few days, but how many of you still have polvorones and nougat at home? The time has come to to resume good routines. Will we be able to eat chocolate, cheese and wine?

In January, there is a lot of talk about the cost, saving and how hard it is to survive Christmas. But it’s also the time when gym memberships, nutritionist appointments and salad tupperware are on the rise. We’re not going to deny it, it’s time to go on a diet.

Chocolate, cheese and wine, are they suitable for the diet? 1_opt
We recovered the good habits, as far as food is concerned.

We are not going to deny it, we are sure that when you have prepared your menu for this week, you have tried not to put chocolate, wine or cheese, because to lose weight you have to eliminate fats, industrial sugars and carbohydrates.

But what if we tell you that there is someone who does not think so? Tim Spector, has thrown a spear for these three foods and assures that we don’t have to eliminate these little treats, because that’s what they should be, from our diet. The reason is that these “treats” can help us to cultivate good bacteria in our stomach, which can help us to control our weight.

It sounds a bit crazy, because we are not used to being “prescribed” these foods, but Tim Spector argues that a good diet should not be based on calorie counting, but we should focus on our intestinal flora being healthy.

Chocolate, cheese and wine: diet-friendly?
La Antigua Soft Cheese with Chocolate

It is necessary that in the intestine we have microbes of all kinds, which make food easier for us because they make the body stronger and healthier. Cheese, chocolate and wine are foods that generate this type of “good” bacteria in the stomach. It is true that foods such as junk food and industrial sugars have the opposite effect and can end up destroying our healthy intestinal flora.

The fact of ingesting many of these ultra-processed industrial foods, as well as the high consumption of medicines, make our body not have that diversity of good bacteria for health. We need to eat more varied, healthy and natural foods. Therefore, cheese, wine and chocolate, always in recommended amounts, should not disappear from your diet.

Chocolate, cheese and wine: diet-friendly? 3+
The chocolate with the highest percentage of pure cocoa is the most recommended

So we can only say one thing, long live cheese, chocolate and wine!



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