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Cincho awards have a La Antigua flavor

After consolidating its position as one of the most important national events in the dairy sector and one of the most prestigious at international level, La Antigua Cheese Factory has obtained a Silver Cincho Award at Aged Cheese raw sheep’s milk, an award that certifies the quality of the quality of this cheese and rewards the careful elaboration and maturation The aromas and flavors of raw sheep’s milk from the best flocks are intensified.

In the year in which Quesería la Antigua celebrates its first twentieth anniversary is rewarded for the daily work and quality of one of our flagships as is the aged cheese with more than 12 months of maturation, carefully elaborated, allowing a correct evolution of flavors and aroma, with natural rind, with mold bloom which contributes to achieve the flavor of always and gives it its distinctive character, without artificial ingredients, which reminds us of the cheeses that are matured in cellars.

cincho awards

But this is not the first award he has received. In 2016 he won the Bronze Medal at the prestigious World Cheese Awards and in 2013 the Silver Medal at the Global Cheese Awards .

The world’s best cheeses at the Cincho Awards

On June 22, 23 and 24, the best cheeses in the world met to be tasted and selected for the Cincho Cheese Awards 2022a total of 1400 cheeses have been found in the capital of ZamoraThis is an absolute record since the last edition before the pandemic, with 1,375 participants from all the autonomous communities and an international participation of twenty countries, which also represents an all-time high. Cream, fresh, cured, semi-cured, aged, spiced, rennet and rennet-free cheeses from 18 countries around the world were tasted by more than 57 professional international tasters to choose the best,

The Cincho Awards have incorporated several new features in this tenth national and fourth international edition, among them, the call for the ‘Gran Cincho de Oro’ awards to the three best-scoring cheeses. In addition, for the first time, the prize for the best sheep’s cheese in Spain and the best artisan cheese in Castilla y León have also been awarded.

Zamora the most awarded province in Spain

The province of Zamora, where Quesería La Antigua is based, is the Spanish province with the most awards, a total of 13 (7 gold and 6 silver), followed by Valladolid with 11. In total, Castilla y Leon received 40 medals out of the 114 awarded by the jury.



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