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Gestión Agro Ganadera S.L. (GAG)

It is a company founded in 1994, with important presence in the sheep dairy sector in the Castilla y León region. León (Spain), the largest producer in Europe. We can supply:
  • Raw Sheep Milk
  • Thermized Sheep Milk
  • Pasteurized Sheep Milk
GAG is specialized in the commercialization of milk from sheep. For this purpose, it has its own stable collection and fresh milk tanker supply capacity at the end of the year. anywhere in Spain or Europe.

Quesería La Antigua, a company with a vocation for leadership.

At Quesería La Antigua we produce a top quality product thanks to the milk from selected grazing herds. We produce cheeses rooted in tradition and care.

We are defined by craziness and that special spark
that makes us
to all those who know us and are close to us.
around the emotion and the memory of the taste of his childhood.
because we make a traditional and quality cheese

We are efficient, technological and marketing-conscious

we attend with all our love and professionalism
to the public and speak clearly and sincerely. And we know that
and a lot of it.


Most of all, we love you because every day you make us
to move forward in an area that combines
tradition and technology


And if you don’t believe it, visit this website or take a look at our
marketing or on our packaging.
Aren’t you starting to like our cheese?

Although the best thing is and always will be our human team.

Nothing really valuable is achieved without effort

They, their human quality and capacity
professional, they are the essential ingredient
and denitive of our cheeses.