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Low Salt Lactose Free Soft Sheep Cheese

The Tender Lactose-Free and Low Salt Sheep Cheese is the youngest and newest of the Campoestrella family. Young because it has been matured for less than a month and we have also ensured that its lactose content is totally suitable for people with lactose intolerance.

Lactose Free

Pasteurized sheep’s milk

To make this sheep’s cheese we have followed the artisanal steps with which our shepherds used to obtain their cheeses. The pasteurization of the milk allows us to consume this sheep’s cheese practically five days after its production.

Sheep milk
Sheep milk

Selected lamb rennet

The natural milk, a correct lowering of the Ph in the presses, a short period of time in brine (water with salt in a concentration of 21%) and the absence of fats and proteins external to the sheep’s milk itself is the consequence of this cheese in the analysis and quality control, which Quesería la Antigua de Fuentesaúco is made in fully certified laboratories, a real jewel for the palates of people who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Its natural white bark

With the traditional Zamora cheese girth design, it hides small eyes evenly distributed throughout the cut.

Sheep Cheese, Artisanal Cheese, Queseria la Antigua de Fuentesauco (1)
Lactose-free low-salt soft sheep cheese

Short maturation period

The aroma it gives off is totally fresh milk. The elasticity and flexibility of a wedge of this cheese suggests that the ideal cut to serve it as a tapa would be in square cubes, although we can cut it into small wedges or very thin slices for the grill or for sandwiches.

Cheese preservation

The ideal temperature for the cheese is the cellar temperature, between 10º and 12º C, and a high humidity (80 – 85%).

It is preferable to keep the cheese cold rather than at room temperature (local), since in the heat it begins to “sweat”, losing fat and drying out. As the cold of the refrigerator is a dry cold, it is convenient to keep it in a tapper inside the refrigerator, since the cold absorbs the humidity of the cheese.

The following storage temperatures are recommended for the different types of dough or texture:

– Hard paste cheeses: 8-12 ºC

– Soft and blue-veined cheeses: 4-8 ºC.

– Fresh cheeses: from 2 to 4º C

Soft cheese

The right pairing

Pairing cheese is not a complicated task but it requires some basic knowledge of the type of cheese, type of milk, ripening, etc.

With young wines, non-alcoholic beers and even with natural juices or fruits, Campoestrella Low Salt and Lactose Free Sheep Cheese is your ideal cheese for healthy diets with flavor.

Jams, honey, nuts, grapes and even a little chocolate topping are ideal complements to surprise your friends and make this sheep cheese your favorite.

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Campoestrella Lactose Free and Low Salt:



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