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La Antigua Cheese Factory is a place where the love for cheese becomes art. For more than 20 years, they have been perfecting their processes to offer exceptional cheeses. Its secret lies in taking care of the raw material: sheep’s milk.

Discover the Art of Cheese with
La Antigua Cheese Factory

Would you like to know the secrets behind a good cheese? Do you want to learn how to prepare this delicacy that has conquered palates for centuries? Then our workshops are perfect for you!

La Mesadelaantigua is a project of Quesería La Antigua that brings cheese culture to social events and family engagements. Imagine a show where a sheep cheese is presented. It is an experience that delights the senses and brings people together around a table.

At the Mesadelaantigua, you will be able to discover:

  1. Cheese Varieties: From the most traditional cheeses to cheeses with different flavors such as Tempranillo, they offer more than 50 varieties for all tastes.
  2. Artisan production: They manufacture all their cheeses with raw sheep’s milk, following traditional methods and with the care and attention of yesteryear.
  3. Passion for what they do: In a technological world, they value raw materials, know-how and daily effort.
  4. Curious Exploration: La Antigua Cheese Factory is a dream come true. As the saying goes: “With cheese, bread and wine we walk the road”.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of authentic cheese, visitQuesería La Antigua and discover the magic behind every bite!

Small master cheesemakers with Quesería La Antigua

#LaAntiguaEduca is an educational program that fuses the passion for cheese with the curiosity of the youngest. In collaboration with the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca, Quesería La Antigua de Fuentesaúco has created this initiative to bring cheese culture and traditions closer to children.

At #LaAntiguaEduca, little explorers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of sheep cheese. What will they discover?

  1. The Elaboration Process: You will learn how sheep’s milk is transformed into a delicious wheel of cheese. From coagulation with rennet to refining in the caves, each stage is an adventure full of flavors and textures.
  2. The Importance of the Raw Material: Children will understand that the quality of cheese begins with the milk. They will learn about the origin of the milk and how it influences the final flavor of the cheese.
  3. Hands on: You will be an active part of the process! They will be able to touch, mix and mold the cheese under the guidance of experts. Imagine their smiles as they watch their efforts turn into real cheese.
  4. Values and Tradition: Beyond technical skills, #LaAntiguaEduca transmits values such as respect for nature, patience and the importance of preserving our roots.

So, if you want your child to feel #HappyToMakeACheese, don’t miss this workshop. Cheese is more than food; it is culture, history and love in every bite!