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Quesería La Antigua: Supporting Solidarity in the Solidarity Race Villa de Fuentesauco 2024

Cheese lovers and super runners! In Quesería La Antigua we are excited to tell you that we have been part of the solidarity race Villa de Fuentesauco, which took place this morning, April 7. And what a great time!

Running for a Good Cause

The solidarity race Villa de Fuentesauco is an event that goes beyond sweating it out and having a good time. It is also about collaborating Asperger’s Syndrome Asperger’s Syndrome Salamanca since all the benefits of the inscriptions are destined to this association that joins all its efforts in the defense of the rights of people with Asperger Syndrome-Autism Spectrum Disorder.

An incredible morning in the solidarity race Villa de Fuentesauco

runner in the 10k race villa de fuentesauco

Imagine this: bright sunshine, good music, and us handing out smiles and…. cheese! Yes, just as you hear it. In addition, our facilities have been part of the route of the solidarity race Villa de Fuentesauco, where we gave them that little push they needed with our encouragement.

Photos that Rock in the solidarity race in the town of Fuentesauco

So that you don’t miss a single moment of this adventure, we have uploaded a lot of photos to our Flickr profile. From the fastest runners to those who enjoyed the course, capturing the essence of the race as they passed through our facilities.

You can see them in this Flickr album

happy runner in the 10k race villa de fuentesauco

Uniting Community with Sport and Cheese

At Quesería La Antigua, we believe that cheese and sport are the perfect combination to bring people together. Participating in the Villa de Fuentesauco solidarity race not only allowed us to support a great cause, but also to connect with our town in a different way.

Join the Fun

Want to take a look at the photos and relive those moments? Visit our Flickr album! And if you have not yet come to meet us. We assure you that you will love it!

At Quesería La Antigua, we not only make cheese, we also create experience. Join us on this journey full of flavor and good vibes! You will also find photos and the cool moments we have lived in our networks!

Link to photo album on Flickr

See you at the next race, friends! By the way, have you seen our last post?



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