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Quesotourism: a new adventure at Quesería La Antigua

Quesotourism Visit Quesería La Antigua

Welcome to a unique experience that combines the cheese-making tradition with the emotion of gastronomic tourism: Cheese tourism. At Quesería La Antigua de Fuentesaúco, we are committed to offering our visitors a complete immersion in the world of cheese. sheep cheeseThe process of harvesting the raw material to the final tasting of the cheese itself, all in a natural environment that will leave you breathless.

Quesoturismo: Explore the Sheep Cheese Route from the field to the Table

Imagine strolling through the green fields where our happy sheep graze, breathing the fresh air and feeling the tranquility of the rural environment. In our Quesoturismo experience, we take you from the field to the table, where you can witness the artisanal process of making our exquisite sheep cheese, following each step with detail and passion.

Feel the Tradition and Craftsmanship in Every Bite

Sheep cheese is not just a food; it is the result of centuries of tradition and dedication to excellence. With every bite, you will feel the richness of the cultural heritage that surrounds us and the unparalleled quality of our products. In the guided tasting, you will discover the nuances of flavor and aroma that make our cheese unique in its class.

Quesotourism Visit Quesería La Antigua
Connect with the Nature and History of Fuentesaúco thanks to Quesoturismo

Located in the charming village of Fuentesaúco, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and a few steps away from the prestigious wine regions of D.O.P Toro and Ribera, we invite you to enjoy a complete experience to combine the best of the land that surrounds us. Discover the history and culture of the region as you immerse yourself in the world of sheep cheese and its role in our community.

Join Us on This Gastronomic Adventure

At Quesería La Antigua de Fuentesaúco, we are excited to open our doors and share this gastronomic experience with you. Book your visit today and get ready for a trip full of flavor, history and nature that you will never forget!

Cheese tasting

Cheese tasting

Discover the authentic flavor of sheep cheese and live an unforgettable experience at Quesería La Antigua de Fuentesaúco. We are waiting for you with open arms and sheep cheese waiting to be enjoyed!

At Quesería La Antigua, we not only make cheese, we also create experience. Join us on this journey full of flavor and good vibes! You will also find photos and the cool moments we have lived in our networks!

See you at the next race, friends! By the way, have you seen our last post?



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