Traditional sheep cheese


There is no more traditional flavor than this.



Old sheep cheese, it is not so easy to find a cheese with these characteristics. Since it has a real maturation between 7 and 9 months. Made with raw sheep’s milk, selected raw material. Characterized by its highly evolved flavor and aromas, typical of the maturation time, from which the mold blooms in its natural rind intensifying them even more. Its compact texture, but at the same time buttery, makes this cheese a unique piece.

If you’re thinking about a cheese board, the old man can’t be missed. It is the perfect cheese for those who don’t want the most aged flavor, but need a little more sparkle in their cheeses.

The curing of this cheese is perfect to maintain the slight humidity of the cured cheese without becoming an explosive cheese with more than a year of curing.

Cheese sheet

Cheese Sheet in PDF

Tasting: To be consumed at room temperature, remove one hour before chilling.
We recommend slicing it to appreciate the flavor.
of the old cheese.

Ingredients:raw sheep’s milk, natural rennet, salt, and
lactic ferments.

Maturation: 7-9 months