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We’re back: VII Cheese and Humor Cooking Conference

Lights, camera and humor!… and lots of cheese!

Are you ready for a unique culinary experience full of cheese and laughter? On October 5, the VII Congreso Cocina con Queso y Humor will take place, an event that promises to be a true delight for cheese lovers and humor fans. In this post, we will take you on a journey through the most exciting details of this celebration that fuses gastronomy with comedy in a festive atmosphere.

The Place of Magic:

When we say “We are back”, it’s not just talk, and this year, the Palacio de Congresos de Salamanca will be the perfect setting for this exciting event. A new venue that adds a touch of freshness and excitement to the Congress. The organizers, sponsors and award winners will experience first-hand a very special gala. In addition to the talented Jazmín Abudín, who will bring her touch of comedy to make this night a beautiful memory.


Queso scaled

The Main Course:

The Cocina con Queso y Humor Congress stands out for its focus on culinary excellence and humorous creativity. The event promises a menu packed with inspiring keynotes, new friendships, exciting prizes and mastery in the kitchen. Attendees will have the opportunity to honor and value the work of shepherds and dairymen with three prestigious awards: “Traditional Shepherd,” “New Farm,” “Commitment” and the special award given by our main partner “Cobadu“. These awards recognize the dedication and effort of those who contribute to our world, the world of cheese. It is our particular way of expressing our gratitude for that hard work, sometimes very little visible, without which we would be lost. It is a traditional work, of roots, that has passed from hand to hand until today, a work that comes from the heart.


Queso 2 scaled

Renowned Chefs:

The evening will be full of culinary surprises thanks to the presence of outstanding chefs, who will share their most delicious creations, which we are sure will delight the palate of all guests. We hope that all of them will be prepared to feel a feast of unique flavors, where cheese will be the undisputed protagonist of each dish.

A golden closing:

To round off this unique day, the event will conclude with a relaxed cocktail party, the perfect opportunity to share experiences, anecdotes and create synergies. We are sure that all attendees will leave with a good taste in their mouths, not only thanks to the tapas prepared for the occasion, but also because of the atmosphere that will permeate every moment of the Congress.

Queso 1 scaled


An unforgettable experience in the VII Congreso Cocina con Queso y Humor that would not have been possible if we had not worked hand in hand among all, for this, many thanks to: Cobadu, AOCP Construcciones, Caja Rural, Dorosa Insurance, Tafrisa, Adarsa, Alimentaria Exhibitions, S.L.U, Beta Sanchez, Ferneto, Gaza, Gonzalez Salinero Attorneys at Law, Glaucor Engineering, Protoinfo, Fariña, Cease fire, Aslofriduero, Multiple Sclerosis Association of Segovia, Camionsa, Zamora Chamber of Commerce, El Tormes Shopping Center, Slow Food Vía de la Plata Community, Garduño, Hesan, Zamora Type, Mays, Sheep and lambs, Ovigen, Reny Picot-Lácteas Castellano Leonesas, Zamora Wine Route, Santa Gloria, SGS (Lean), Nuñez Workshops, Lácteas Revilla, On low heat, Calabor, Chamber of Commerce of Salamanca, Coca-Cola, Emjamesa, Salamanca School of Hotel Management, Santa Marta School of Hotel Management and Zamora School of Hotel Management.


Mark October 5 as the day when the pleasures of the table will merge with the most contagious laughter.



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