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The Summum, and its place in Alimentaria

The Summum, and its place in Alimentaria. To talk about him is to talk about our identity. This March we celebrate 12 years since the first launch of Summum and although many of you already know what we are talking about, others will say, “What is Summum?

Summum is a limited edition packaging, which is presented every two years coinciding with the celebration of the most important international food fair held in our country, the Alimentaria Barcelona fair. Inside we can find cheese made from strictly selected raw sheep’s milk and matured for more than 2 years. A unique cheese.

It is a small tribute to our sector, from the field to the table. To the sheep, to the shepherds, to the milk itself, to all those who make it possible not only for us to continue consuming an exceptional cheese such as La Antigua, but also to continue transmitting the values that make us unique. The Summum philosophy is the rebirth of customs and know-how.

We have been presenting our Summum since 2012, since it was our first year being part of the Premium Zone of Alimentaria Barcelona, that is, being part of the Jewels of Spanish Gastronomy. Since then, we haven’t stopped thinking and designing new layouts, do you want to see them?

2012, the starting signal for Summum.

We remember this edition with special affection as it was Summum’s first time. For its launch we created a video where the idea was to make the public feel part of the process of our cheese and recreate that natural and traditional essence it has. For this purpose, we also launched different packaging that the public loved.

2014, giving light to our project.

This time we wanted a design that was not only different, but that could be (re)used on a daily basis once the cheese was finished: that’s how the idea of making a cheese lamp came up. In addition, our consumers would always be able to keep us in mind. With Javier Garduño’s help, we got down to work and voilá: our Summum is brighter than ever.

2016, a catwalk Summum.

In this 2016 edition, we wanted to continue designing packaging that we could continue to use once the cheese had been consumed. And the idea came! If the best fashion brands had their bag, why shouldn’t the best cheese in the world have one?

Javier Garduño got down to work and thanks to the confection of Imelda in Salamanca came the three formats of Summum 2016: mini bag for the 1 kilo cheese. A slightly larger bag for the 3 kg cheese and a briefcase to carry the wedges.

In addition, we even made a catwalk for the presentation of our designs. Why not? Cheese Fashion Week.

2018, Summum reminiscing about old times

For that Summum, why not reminisce about those times when it was so easy to be happy? We were children again, and we introduced the cabins, those little wooden “suitcases” with handles where we carried our things to school. The RAE defines Cabás as “a kind of bag in the shape of a box or small trunk, with a handle, used to carry books and work supplies to school”. And we like to add to it, and lunch with a good piece of cheese.

2020, why wouldn’t we launch Summum?

Although our presentation venue, the Alimentaria Fair, was cancelled due to covid-19, Summum is unstoppable. So we launched La Lata: Summum 2020. In this edition we also went back to our childhood wanting to remember those cans of condensed milk that was so delicious and that was part of many snacks.

old logo can and cheese wedges

2022, Summum is the milk.

Knowing where you come from, to know where you are going, that has always been our motto and in the edition of the Alimentaria 2022 Fair we made it tangible in the form of a milkmaid. Summum is a reminder of the dairyman, alive in the memory of many, a symbol of a slow, delicate and sacrificed work. Summum is our origin and our tradition. In addition, at the Alimentaria Fair in Barcelona we turned our stand into a dairy that left the public and ourselves speechless.

2024, what will we surprise with this year?

We look forward to showing it to you.

If you want to see more information about our Summum, you can find it here.

And if you want to have your Summum at home, you can buy it here.



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