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The unification of Gestión Agro Ganadera and Quesería La Antigua!

We are pleased to announce an exciting transformation at Gestión Agro Ganadera and Quesería La Antigua: the unification of our websites! After much consideration and in the interest of greater clarity and accessibility for our customers, we have decided to consolidate our online platforms to better reflect our dedication to quality and excellence in the production of sheep’s milk and artisanal cheeses.

Why the unification of the Webs?

At Gestión Agro Ganadera y Quesería La Antigua, we have always prioritized the quality of sheep’s milk and our cheeses. With the unification of our websites, we seek to reaffirm our commitment to this philosophy and make it clear that we are a single entity, working together to offer exceptional products to you, our customers.

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Benefits for you

This unification brings with it a number of tangible benefits for our customers. Now, finding information about our products, both sheep’s milk and artisanal cheeses, will be easier than ever. With simpler navigation and access to a wide range of relevant information, it will be easier for you to access all of our information and enjoy an enhanced user experience on our website.

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Key Message: Unifying Quality

Our key message with this unification is simple but powerful: at Gestión Agro Ganadera and Quesería La Antigua, we are united in the pursuit of excellence in quality. Whether we are talking about our premium sheep’s milk or our delicious artisanal cheeses, you can be confident that you are receiving products of the highest quality, backed by decades of experience and passion for our craft.

Join us in this new unification

We are excited to welcome our customers to this new era of Gestión Agro Ganadera y Quesería La Antigua. With a unified website that reflects our dedication to quality and excellence, we look forward to continuing to be your number one choice when it comes to premium dairy products.

unification of agricultural and livestock management and cheese dairy la antigua

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey and for your continued support! We invite you to do so on our social networks. By the way, have you read our last article yet ?



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